Basement Conversion

Eradicate damp with Basement Conversion and Waterproofing.

Yes! You can create a whole new living space from a damp and disused basement.

Converting basement space can be a very cost effective way of extending your current living space. An extra bedroom, a second living room, a home cinema room or simply a place to chill out & spend leisure time.

Many people are discovering that they can increase living space by converting dingy & damp basement areas into modern living areas.

A whole new living space:

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing usually takes the form of two types of work. Cement based tanking is a slurry based application which has been successfully applied over the last few decades. This type of application is suitable where flooding is not an issue & typically where there is a slight difference in ground level externally. For example if the external ground level is elevated by a metre or so above the internal level.

Cavity Membrane Systems

Cavity membrane systems are installed to the internal walls providing space for moisture & moisture vapour to escape. This system can be installed to hold back dampness & ground contaminants that have no risk of flooding or in conjunction with a sump & pump installation where ground water is channelled safely from the point of ingress behind the membrane into a sump & safely pumped from the property automatically

Cavity membrane solutions are easily hidden behind dry-lined installations & flooring grade chipboard floors. Plumbing & electrical installations can easily be incorporated into our works meaning that we can undertake the full project delivering living space ready to move into if required. We can add full electrics including lighting, sockets etc & add or extend plumbing like extra radiators or a second bathroom etc.

Cavity membrane examples:


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