How to spot and treat Woodworm.

The word ‘Woodworm’ is a generic term often used to describe a number of wood boring insects and timber infestation. Most types of Woodworm live up to five years and spend their entire lifecycle eating into wood. Left untreated, Woodworm can seriously effect the structure of any property.

Diagnosing and treating Woodworm

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Common types of woodworm in the UK are:

The House Longhorn Beetle – typically found in roof timbers where it attacks the sapwood of softwood timbers often resulting in structural weakness. Flight holes are oval and aproximately 9mm by 6mm. Treatment for this beetle is highly specialist and Building Societies will insist on a specialist company if structural timber has been affected.

The Deathwatch Beetle – attacks large hardwood timbers such as Elm and Oak. This beetle much prefers very damp conditions and even better when there is some kind of fungal decay or “wet rot” in the timbers. Flight holes are round and about 4mm. Treatment, as with the others, can be done in the form of a paste, spray on application or paint on preservative.

Wood Boring Weevil – directly associated with wet rot timber decay. Flight holes are very small at 1mm & often ragged. The frass (dust) from the borehole consists of lemon shaped-gritty pellets. Sawed ends of manufactured timber are an example of a typical oviposition site.

The Furniture Beetle & Wharf Borer – Furniture Beetles are responsible for 75% of woodworm property damage in the UK. Their flight holes are about 2mm.

Woodworm examples

Our Woodworm Treatments

  • Modern Water Based Insecticides
  • Low Odour & Low Hazard. HSE Approved
  • Non Flammable
  • Treated Rooms Can Be Re-Occupied In 1 Hour

Where structurally necessary our experienced staff will remove & replace damaged timbers.


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