Wet Rot & Dry Rot

What are Wet Rot and Dry Rot?

Dry Rot and Wet Rot are wood destroying fungi which attack timber in order to extract food to maintain growth and the generation of spores. Affected timber exhibits significant loss of weight. In buildings the result is the deterioration and ultimately destruction of the timber with serious consequences in the case of structural sections. The problem affects all types of property, historic or modern. Dampness combined with lack of ventilation provides the ideal conditions for fungal attack.

Wet Rot

Sometimes called the cellar fungus, Wet Rot is a common cause of structural defects. It requires a moisture content of 50 to 60% but it does not spread through masonry and growth ceases when the moisture is removed.

Wet Rot examples:

Dry Rot

Dry Rot can cause widespread structural damage. We recommend that a survey is carried out immediately if dry rot is suspected.

The true Dry Rot fungus is the more serious requiring fast specialist action to avoid extensive damage. It is malignant and will spread even through thick walls in search of timber to attack. Timber affected by dry rot is brown, dry and brittle with cuboidal fractures and can be crumbled by hand.

Dry Rot examples:

Our Dry Rot Treatments

Special low odour micro-emulsion preservative fluids are applied by spray, brush, or in paste and gel form. Our specialist staff can replace defective timbers including flooring, structural and ornate sections. Dry Rot and Wet Rot are wood destroying fungi which attack timber in order to extract food to maintain growth and the generation of spores.

Primary Measures

The most vulnerable feature of the fungus is it requirement for water, and it is the control and elimination of this essential requirement that forms the fundamental measure for the control and elimination of dry rot.

The removal of the source of water is the first point of attack. It is therefore absolutely essential to stop further water ingress. This action alone will eventually control and eliminate the activity. Indeed, it is the fundamental measure in eradicating the organism. Included in this action is the promotion and maintaining of rapid and good drying conditions.


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